Estro Rhythm - TeOra - Menopause Relief - About
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About TeOra

Welcome to TeOra™

TeOra™, formerly known as Estro Rhythm, is a novel topical-applied delivery system designed to deliver a precise mix of creme for each day of a woman’s cycle, mimicking the monthly cycle. TeOra™ is recommended for perimenopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women. Women can begin to use the system as soon as they see signs of perimenopause which can begin as early as age 35.

Usage Instructions

Each month, you will receive a 28 day supply of daily dose applications. Apply the entire content of 1 blister per day to a fatty tissue area of your body (ie: inner thigh, buttocks, upper arm, stomach). Ensure chosen area is clean and dry.

If you are premenopausal, begin using the creme (week 1, day 1) on the 4th day of your period and continue each day going forward.

If you are already in menopause, start with week 1, day 1, and continue regular use going forward.

For best results, use TeOra each morning.

Start your day with TeOra.